Station Sanitizer


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare organizations are continually looking for practical ways to efficiently disinfect the workplace. Smithfield’s Lt. Joe Potenza saw an article on social media where a fire department used a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus to create a “sanitizing gun”. The simple design consists of an SCBA with the EBSS (buddy breather) capability, an air hose, and a paint sprayer – all of which are readily accessible in the fire service. With the help Lt. CJ Tasca, Potenza put together multiple sanitizing guns for the fire department and police department.

At the beginning of every shift, the crew is to disinfect all areas of their assigned station to prevent the spread of the virus. What used to be a relatively long and tedious process, disinfecting the station is now quick and thorough.

Potenza: “For all my fire department brothers. Lt. Tasca and myself saw other jobs using an old SCBA to sanitize apparatus, office areas, and the rest of the firehouse. So of course we had to try. I am going to share pictures of the process, if anyone has any questions I am more than happy to help! The set up is for two old Scott packs with buddy breathing.”